Architech SDK (version 2.4.0)

ArchiTech's Yocto/OpenEmbedded based SDK is available as a VirtualBox Virtual Disk image. In this page you will find the basic instructions on how to download the current version.


OS Ubuntu 14.04

Maker Board Yocto U-boot Kernel
Architech Hachiko 1.5.1 Dora 2013.04 3.8.13
Architech Hachiko64 1.5.1 Dora 2013.04 3.8.13
Architech Pengwyn 1.7.1 Dizzy 2014.07 3.14.26
Architech Tibidabo 1.5.1 Dora 2013.10 3.0.35
Avnet Microzed 1.7.1 Dizzy 2014.01 3.17
Avnet ZedBoard 1.7.1 Dizzy 2013.01 3.17
Freescale i.MX 6SoloX SabreSD 1.7 Dizzy 2014.04 3.14.28
Avnet Picozed 1.5.1 Dora 2013.04 3.14
DAVE BORA Xpress 1.6.2 Daisy (2.1.0) (2.1.0)
ENGICAM C.TOUCH 7 1.6.2 Daisy 2013.04 3.10.17
TOPIC Miami SOM (1.8) 2014.07 3.18
SECO SECOSBC-A62 1.7.1 Dizzy 2013.10 3.0.35
Freescale LS1020A 1.6.1 Daisy 2014.07 3.12


The development environment is provided as a virtual disk (to be used by a VirtualBox virtual machine).

The virtual hard disk contains pre-installed software and sources which are covered by specific licenses. By downloading it, you declare you know the content of the many licenses covering:

Implicitly, you are accepting all those licenses. This product is given "as is", without any warranty of any kind. Silica and its partners does not take any responsability for any damage that this product might produce.

Download The Virtual Disk (10.8GB, MD5SUM ad9669d2a1081468cfedd61331590057)

Please, use a download manager to download the Virtual Disk Image.
In windows we suggest the free version of Download Accelerator.
It is important not occupy too much bandwith in downloading otherwise the server can interrupt your connection.
To avoid this problem, once you have installed the program follow next steps:

  1. click on "Add" button
  2. Insert the download URL and press "OK"
  3. Click on "Advanced" button
  4. Set "user agent" to "Mozilla/4.0 Compatible MSIE 6.0; Windows..."
  5. Set "Accelerator mode" in "Normal Speed" then start the download.

For being able to use it, unzip file you downloaded, and install VirtualBox (version 4.2.10 or higher). You can get VirtualBox installer from here. Download the version that suits your host operating system. You need to download and install the Extension Pack as well. Make sure that the extension pack has the same version of VirtualBox.

Create a new VirtualBox virtual machine. During the process, VirtualBox asks you about the virtual disk, choose Use an exiting virtual drive file and select the virtual disk file you downloaded from this page.


Date Comment Version
2015/Nov/30 Added Freescale LS1021A board 2.4.0

SIZE:  10.9 GB
MD5SUM:  ad9669d2a1081468cfedd61331590057
2015/Aug/28 Added partner: SECO
board: SECOSBC-A62 with yocto Dizzy

SIZE:  10.8 GB
MD5SUM:  83a128c4bddbc7708e562a73e5a41488
2015/July/30 Updated SDK for Zedboard to Dizzy
Added Avnet Picozed board

SIZE:  8.2 GB
MD5SUM:  0a0cb690d239a03e87059072ba732643
2015/Apr/28 Added Freescale i.MX 6SoloX SabreSD board 2.1.0 (download not available)

SIZE:  8.2 GB
MD5SUM:  d758924e16a24c313494d8dcaf9b77cf
2015/Apr/23 Updated SDK for Pengwyn to Dizzy
Updated SDK for Microzed to Dizzy
Added Texas Instruments Wilink8 driver R8.5 support for Microzed
2.0.0 (download not available)

SIZE:  8.4 GB
MD5SUM:  afe24f8cbf37b998b46931eee4ff8de5
Added partner: DAVE board: BORA Xpress
Added partner: ENGICAM board: C.TOUCH 7
Added partner: TOPIC board: Miami SoM
1.3.0 (download not available)

SIZE:  9.0 GB
MD5SUM:  cdb738392cd3861e01f01f8de7dc9dc0
2015/Feb/06 Added SDK for Intel Galileo v1
- Kernel: 3.8
- Yocto: Dylan
1.2.0 (download not available)

SIZE:  6.6 GB
MD5SUM:  143bc68b0f2ac2bdf963124481f9126b
2014/Aug/08 Added Microzed board SDK
Updated Pengwyn SDK
Updated source download scripts
1.1.0 (download not available)

SIZE:  5.7 GB
MD5SUM:  a4c7c9d56e299188c33e6ab7afbae085
2014/May/06 Fixed a few configuration files 1.0.1 (download not available)

SIZE:  5.2 GB
MD5SUM:  0d429f5953bd449f08979a9b59cdb786
2014/May/02 First release 1.0.0 (download not available)

SIZE:  5.2 GB
MD5SUM:  85df427186bc19a02e75d9a593895054